Creating An Intimate Encounter between

Your Brand and the Consumer



6-Step Process

1. Consultation & Conceptualization

    • Brand Building Advice Budget Recommendation
    • Store Selection and geographic coverage
    • Demographic and Psychographic Targeting

2.Design & Creation

    • Selling Concept and Script Development
    • Demo Process Outlining
    • Booth Aesthetics and Fabrication

3. Recruitment & Training

    • Ready-Pooled Manpower Resource
    • Identified Selection Process
    • Specialized Skills and Information Transfer
4. Deployment & Execution

    • Retailer Stores Coordination
    • System Delivery and Logistics Services
    • In-Store Operational Excellence

5. Supervision & Monitoring

    • On-Site Perspective on Management

6. Feedback & Reporting

    • Topline Response on Field Events
    • mmediate information on On-Site Activities
    • Photographic Program Review of Execution
    • Insight-based Analysis and Recommendation

Scope of Services

1. DEMO BOOTH – Our main showcase. This is where your brands will be given the best exposure. Dressed-up into your colors, we make sure that the highlight is on you!

2. BRAND AMBASSADORS – We understand that it takes a complete interactive experience to ensure exposure, awareness and conversion that ultimately leads to purchase. We do our best to represent your brand to the consumers through our well-trained team, be they stationary on booths and category aisles, or going around inside the store.

3. ACTIVATIONS – Our diverse services extend beyond In-Store activities.  We are also your capable partners outside of the store for any and all of your Brand-Building endeavors.